Winterset Aviation has the capability to perform weight and balance computations to aircraft weighing up to 9,000lbs. Ensuring an accurate weight and balance calculation is essential to comply with the certification limits of the aircraft.




AC120-27E recommends FAR part 91 (non-commercial) aircraft be weighed every 36 calendar months. Weight and balance records can easily become inaccurate in part 91 aircraft due to the following:

-Trapped dirt, grease, and oil accumulation on the airframe
-Carrying non documented items on-board the aircraft (spare oil, accessory mounts, tie down equipment, etc.)
-Accumulation of negligible weight and balance items being added to the aircraft (battery tender plug, hardware, STC’s, etc.)
-Weight and balance computation error by maintenance shops


cessna_170 (2)

Benefits of performing a weight and balance every 3 years:

-Accurate data that conforms to the aircraft’s specifications
-Additional safety knowing that the weight and balance data is correct
-Maximizing legal efficiency by knowing the aircraft’s actual capability



Our Process

Using the aircraft maintenance manual and acceptable federal regulation guidance we accomplish the following:

1. First we gather a list of items that will be pertinently on-board the aircraft from you, the owner/operator. (chocks, oil, I-pad mount, etc.)
2. Second comes the consultation of the aircraft maintenance manual and FAA regulation to find out how the aircraft needs to be weighed.
3. Third we weight the aircraft in accordance with the appropriate guidance on our calibrated scales.
4. Lastly we compute the aircraft’s weight and balance record, noting the items installed on the aircraft. Two copies will be created. One for the aircraft, and one for the maintenance records. If additional copies are needed just ask!