There are many opportunities to be stationed at the Winterset Municipal Airport.

Here are just a few great benefits in doing so…

Full Service FBO:¬†Winterset Aviation Service’s ownership has transferred, and is now a position for long term growth.

Close proximity to the Des Moines/West Des Moines Metro: The Winterset Airport has become one of the most convenient airports for commuting to the West Des Moines area.

Top Notch Customer Service: Winterset Aviation Services along with the Winterset Airport Authority Board understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We are here for the aviation community!

Become Part of a Growing Community: An article released in April 2015 by The Iowa Statemen states that Madison County is the 6th fastest growing county in the State! To see the article click HERE.

Customizable Hangar: Size, layout, lighting, heating, insulation, etc… Hangars being built from scratch are fully customizable, you get to design!

Hangar Financing:

Option 1: 85% of hangar construction can be paid for by the state (up to $150,000 dollars). This is a great opportunity be housed in a new, fully engineered hanger at a fraction of the cost! To be considered for state funded projects, the airport must own the building. This is a common situation among airports in the nation. The solution is a long term lease agreement between the tenant and the airport (cost to build hanger is paid back in X amount of months rent free). If you are interested in this option, give us a call at 515-462-1811 or email us at

Option 2: Come to our airport board meetings (last Monday of every month at 5:30pm) to discuss an alternative method.

Current Proposed sites for development: Below are proposed building locations, and break downs of the cost for each hangar project (local share being end cost). This is for a 50×50 square hangar with concrete floor, electric hangar door, one walk through door, and electricity.


Winterset Airport Hangar Lots