Engine Pre-Heating

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Hello everyone, late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Today I want to speak a little bit about electric engine pre-heaters. For those of us who have flown for a while out of airports based where Jack Frost … Continued

Go Around?

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my aviation blog. Today I want to talk about going around after attempting an approach and landing. I chose this topic today after reading an article from “Boldmethod” about an accident that happened to … Continued

WAS at Airventure 2017

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my aviation blog. Today we will talk about the greatest aviation celebration in the world. This year was Michael and Anthony’s first ever trip to Airventure at Oshkosh. I have been going to the … Continued

Piper Muffler AD

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Are you a piper Cherokee owner cursed by AD 70-16-05. You know, the one that calls out recurring visual inspections on the exhaust system every 50 hours! This AD effects Piper Models PA-28-140 SN 28-20001 through 28-26400 and PA-28-150,160,180 SN … Continued

Aviation Specific Chargers

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Battery tenders. There nice to have if your aircraft is going to sit inactive for more than a couple of weeks, but is the charger doing more harm than good? After countless customers asking for the best tender for their … Continued