Periodic inspection increases safety be catching dependencies before a failure occurs. In addition, the inspection process provides a great opportunity to upgrade or install modifications.


Winterset Aviation Inspection Services:

This is a critical phase of aircraft maintenance, only to be conducted by competent, experienced, and thorough inspection agencies.

Truthfully ask yourself…

  • Is my aircraft being thoroughly inspected?
  • Am I treated like a valued customer or just another piece of revenue?
  • Does my maintenance provider listen to my needs? Do they satisfy them?
  • Am I satisfied with the current communication process of my maintenance provider?
  • Am I getting the most out of my current maintenance provider?

We won’t be able to answer any of these questions for you, but we will tell you how things are done at Winterset Aviation!

Our Inspection Process:

Aircraft acceptance: Aircraft is accepted, a client/aircraft profile is created, any discrepancies are documented and discussed.

Aircraft Inspection: Who has the most knowledge of the aircraft? The manufacturer! All inspections are conducted in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance. Each model is unique, and using the manufacturer’s checklist will ensure no item is overlooked.

Customer Contact: After inspection is complete we’ll inform you of discrepancies and discuss the options for correcting them.

Inspection Close-Out: After authorization discrepancies are corrected, a post inspection engine run up is completed, aircraft systems are given an operational check, aircraft is paneled up, paper work is completed, and the aircraft is washed and vacuumed!


We want to earn your business!

As a recurring Winterset Aviation Customer you’ll receive:

1. Unlimited use of our online technical publication library

2. Free use of our personal courtesy car (use it for transportation to and from your home base)

3. Discounted flight taxi service to and from your home base

4. Top Notch Customer Service (515-462-1811)

Definition of Recurring Winterset Aviation Customer: A customer with two or more paid Winterset Aviation invoice/receipts within the preceding 12 months.



One time yearly inspections can be time consuming. Creating a progressive inspection program minimizes down time by spreading the process throughout a one year period. This program is ideal for aircraft needing minimal down time.
An aircraft is a financial investment. A Pre-Purchase is a tool used to determine an aircraft’s value. Winterset Aviation ensures that every corner is covered by using a custom made Pre-Purchase evaluation checklist.

  • Performed using a custom made check list
  • Aircraft title search, damage report, and AD search
  • Can be conducted Remotely
  • Final product: A detailed, and unbiased report, detrimental to making a sound decision.

Need assistance with FAA paper work? Let us know!


  • We perform maintenance on all general aviation makes and models.
  • We have a transportation service to suit your needs. Free air shuttle, or a personal courtesy car!
  • Want us to pick your plane up? We have fully insured and qualified pilots standing by!

What you should know about 100hr Inspection (by Michael Sawyer with Winterset Aviation Services Inc.)

AOPA Aircraft Inspection Article

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