Is it about time to overhaul your aircraft engine? There are many options to consider…

  • Top Overhaul (can be completed by field shops)
  • Major Overhaul (can be completed by field shops)
  • Rebuilt Engine (Only to be completed by the manufacture or an approved agency)
  • Factory New (Completed only by the manufacturer)

What do you get with these services? FAA AC43-11 does a great job of explaining!

Top overhaul: Dis-assembly, inspection, repair, assembly, testing and return to service of components outside of the actual engine case (Cylinders, valve train, piston pin, piston, etc.) This service is not recommended by any engine manufacture.

Major overhaul: Dis-assembly, inspection, repair, assembly, testing and return to service of the complete engine with the fits and limits complying to specifications in the manufactures overhaul manual.

Rebuilt Engine: A used engine that has been completely disassembled, inspected, repaired, assembled, tested, and returned to service. The process, limits, and tolerances are the same as a new engine. New or used parts can be used as long at they meet the new tolerances and limits.

Factory New: A engine that is assembly with new parts from raw materials. The new parts conform to the applicable Type Certificate for that engine.


Winterset Aviation Engine Services (click links for details)

When troubleshooting we gather as much data as possible to narrow down the discrpency. We then define the actual discrepancy. Then we use our knowledge and resources to come up with a solution! It seems simple right? You will not believe how many shops are still using the shotgun method of troubleshooting (buying parts and putting them on the aircraft until the issue is solved). This method will cost you money, and in the long run more time!

At Winterset we tackle items in a logical order. For a particular discrepancy we will look into the easiest, most efficient means to solve the issue first. Sometimes you have no choice, but to pull a jug. This is a critical maintenance procedure. We perform this task with competence, using the manufactures engine manual and the latest Service Instruction to complete the task. Downtime? Our goal is to get you back in the air as quickly and safely as possible.

Magnetos, fuel system components, starters, alternators, generators, vacuum pumps, air conditioning pumps, fuel pumps, the list goes on and on. Engine accessories constitute a long list of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components. At Winterset the problem engine accessory is verified, then the accessory is removed and repaired as necessary. The repaired unit is certified with a FAA form 8130-3 (authorized Release Form). Then the unit is placed back on the aircraft, and the system is given an operational test.

When its time to overhaul we have a verity of options to choose from! No mater what option you choose, well discuss your options, give you our advise, and then let you choose the outcome!


Engine Overhaul: Engine is removed from the aircraft, the engine is sent to the decided overhaul facility, the engine is returned to the aircraft’s location and installed. During an engine overhaul all of the other compents forward of the firewall are accessed and replaced or repaired as necessary. This is a good time to have your engine mount inspected and repaired!

Rebuilt Engine: Similar to the engine overhaul procedure except the facility completing the rebulid must be the manfucture or an approved agency. The engine will come with a new logbook and will have 0 hours total time.

New Engine: Engine is removed form the aircraft, the engine is then exchanged for a factory new engine, the engine will come with a new logbook and have 0 hours total time.



Is it overhaul time? Are you looking for an upgrade? Or simply need more power? Winterset Aviation has executed may engine STC upgrades over the years. This experience combined with our passion for aviation maintenance provides an unmatched product!

Give us a call to discuss your goals! We would love to help out!

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Contenintal GTSIO-520
Removing IO-540 For Overhaul
P-Ponk O-470-50 Engine
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P-Ponk Engine O-470-50
IO-540 Engine Overhaul

Whatever maintenance process you choose, Winterset Aviation will strive to give you the best experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with top-notch quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction!


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